Crowd In India Walks Out On Trump’s Insane Welcome Rally Speech

Donald Trump supporters love his raucus rallies. However, they are about the only ones who do.

Whenever Trump makes a speech overseas, it is almost always ill-received. This was the case as the President gave a speech typical of his rallies at a welcome event held for him in India.

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Now, Trump is no great shakes at speaking English very well, so of course, when he attempted to say words in the native tongue of the country he was visiting, it was a disaster. The mishap happened at a large rally welcoming Trump, who then proceeded to mispronounce the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s, home city of Gujarat.

The BBC reported that there were multiple instances of Trump having trouble pronouncing Indian words, which should surprise absolutely no one. The man is not exactly a linguist.

But this just happens to have been yet another opportunity for the President of the United States to embarrass the people of his nation while on foreign soil.

Aside from mispronouncing the Indian Prime Minister’s home city, he also had trouble with Ahmedabad, which is the city the rally was taking place in. Trump also ruined the name of Indian philosopher Swami Vivekananda. Trump topped off his embarrassment of a so-called speech by slaughtering the name of the Vedas, which are sacred ancient Hindu texts by calling them “Vestas.”

Now, anyone who has tried to learn a foreign language, even just for something as simple as college course credit, knows how difficult it is. However, one would expect that the president would practice the words of a foreign country he was visiting to perfection prior to giving a prepared speech, so that when those words appeared in the teleprompter, they’d roll right off his tongue as if he were speaking English.

But not Trump. Instead of showing the tiniest modicum of respect for the Indian people, he acted like he was at a campaign rally and ruined their language to boot.

It is no surprise that Rajini Vaidyanathan of the BBC was able to report that people started walking out on Trump’s speech. They were there to see their own Prime Minister, not the President of the United States, clearly.

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