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‘Cringeworthy’ Stefanik Dragged For Making Obvious Play For Cheney’s Role

‘Cringeworthy’ Stefanik Dragged For Making Obvious Play For Cheney’s Role

Back in 2016, Elise Stefanik would not say Donald Trump’s name. He was simply “my party’s presidential nominee,” she would say. The moderate New York Republican congresswoman would tell anyone that she was far more focused on the new generation of voters she hoped would be voting in a more inclusive Republican Party.

But somewhere along the way, Stefanik drank the Trump Kool-Aid and became one of his most vocal and staunch supporters. Critics say Stefanik has allowed her blind political ambition to get in the way of her usual pragmatism, with Stefanik now fully embracing all of the right-wing conspiracies surrounding The Big Lie.

Saul Loeb – Pool/Getty Images

Now that she’s intent on rising in the ranks no matter whom she must step on, Stefanik (Q-NY) is being criticized by many of her own Twitter followers for accepting Trump’s endorsement to replace Rep. Liz Cheney in House Republican leadership. Stefanik, who’s earned the hashtag “#TrashyStefanik” on Twitter, tweeted the former guy’s endorsement, which referred to Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, as a “warmonger” and also called Stefanik a “gifted communicator.”

Stefanik said this past week on former Trump aide Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast that Trump “has been our strongest supporter of any president when it comes to standing up for the Constitution.” In the same interview, she again cast doubt about the integrity of the 2020 election, even though allegations about widespread voter fraud have been discredited by senior Trump administration officials and dozens of judges across the country.

Stefanik has cultivated a Mean Girl reputation for herself in her zealous attempts to gain favor with the former guy. When she said she was “honored” to be endorsed by the twice-impeached two-time loser of the Popular Vote who’s also facing impending prosecutions in Georgia and New York, her supporters as well as her critics took her to task.


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