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Crazy False Prophet Compares Joe Biden’s Air Force One Stumble to the Assassination of Julius Caesar

Crazy False Prophet Compares Joe Biden’s Air Force One Stumble to the Assassination of Julius Caesar

President Joe Biden stumbled while ascending the steps of Air Force One last Friday, March 19th. Former Presidents Gerald Ford and Donald Trump had embarrassing moments on the jet’s staircase too, but of course, conservatives ignore those because Democrats are evil incarnate.


On Tuesday, right-wing false prophet Robin Bullock suggested during a sermon that Biden’s days in office are numbered because his spill occurred close to the Ides of March – March 15th – the date that Emperor Julius Caesar was assassinated in front of the Roman Senate in 44 BCE:

The most famous thing that happened on the Ides of March is Julius Caesar was killed. The military took him down on the Ides of March. And on March 15 – on the Ides of March, this is when it coincides with us – and if you’ll notice, after the Ides of March on the 15th when Joe Biden started up those steps. This was five days I think later. It was five days after the Ides of March. I believe it was. Right after that came, because that time filled a time, it filled one of those squares.

What is the Ides of March? Did you know on the 15th of March, it was there that [Adolf] Hitler told the leader of Czechoslovakia, ‘we’re invading you,’ and right after that it had such an impact that the man had a heart attack and died. So on the Ides of March – now the Ides of March is the 74th day of the Roman calendar and it coincides with the 15th day of March here.

Now, it was marked by several religious services and it was notable for the Romans – listen to this – as a deadline date for settling affairs or settling debts. It was the day for settling debts on the Ides of March. Finalities came on the Ides of March. And it’s like we were talking that day, on the 15th of March, it filled a time that was famous.

There’s a lot of things happened – you can look up what’s happened on the 15th of March. But it was when that came in the Earth, the military took Julius Caesar’s power from him. He was a tyrant. He was a tyrant, and I believe, just like you and I were talking about, I believe on the 15th of March, a power came into the Earth to remove tyrants from their seats of authority.

And a few days after that you saw Biden fall trying to get up to Air Force One, and he couldn’t get up there. He finally had to just grab the side and run. The first time it was a little stumble. The second one was a bigger stumble. And the third one he fell all the way down. He’s finished. He’s done.

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Fortunately, Biden made it onto the plane without further incident or injury.

Watch below via RightWingWatch:

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