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Crazy Ex-GOP Lawmaker Calls Joe Biden’s Speech ‘Sad’, Cruel’, ‘Depressing’

Crazy Ex-GOP Lawmaker Calls Joe Biden’s Speech ‘Sad’, Cruel’, ‘Depressing’

President Joe Biden delivered an impassioned address to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday night where he promoted unity and prosperity through an optimistic vision of the future. It was widely considered to be Rooseveltian and a total reversal from the maniacally angry, bombastic musings of the previous administration.


But some on the extreme political right witnessed an entirely different speech. Michele Bachmann, a deranged former Republican Congresswoman from Minnesota, felt that Biden’s remarks were evil.

Speaking with televangelist Kenneth Copeland on his Victory News program, Bachmann complained that Biden has not yet given a State of the Union address:

The American people have been saying, ‘where’s the State of the Union speech?’ and Joe Biden hasn’t given a State of the Union speech. They’ve made it very clear tonight is not a State of the Union speech. It’s a speech to a joint session of Congress. So because there’s an absence of the people who run this country in the chamber, they want to make it look like it’s a State of the Union but it really isn’t. So they’re trying to appease the press by saying, ‘look, our guy can give a speech in the chamber too, but they really don’t want him to be held accountable.

What she omits, however, is that the State of the Union was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In Bachmann’s beady eyes, that means Biden’s entire message is a malicious sham:

So this is a fake State of the Union speech, just like in my opinion, what we’re watching is a coup. It’s my opinion that the election was irregular, we didn’t have a true election result. We had a fake election. We’ve had a fake presidency. This is a fake State of the Union address. So this is the new normal as far as these people are concerned.

Continuing on, Bachmann said that Biden’s oration was boring and dishonest because it lacked the fury exuded by Donald Trump:

With all due respect, it was the invasion of the zombie apocalypse, as far as I’m concerned. I thought it was just rich at the very end when President Biden said he’s never been more optimistic and confident, and you saw people were falling asleep in that chamber. It was probably one of the most sad, depressing speeches I’ve ever heard. I wanted to go on YouTube and look for a President Trump speech to Congress so I could get all pumped up. I certainly wasn’t all pumped up on this one. I took all sorts of notes. There are all sorts of errors in this thing.

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Bachmann added that it was “cruel” for Biden to encourage parents to send their kids to pre-school, presumably because right-wingers are terrified of education:

Quite honestly, the word that I have for his speech: It’s cruel. What he’s intending for the American people, the result is cruel. I don’t know how much time we have, I hope we can talk about it more, but I think one of the most cruel aspects of what he’s proposing is snatching 3-and-4-year-olds out of their parents’ arms, putting them in government-run preschools. They’ll be learning critical race theory. I’ve observed this curriculum. I’ve seen this curriculum that they’re planning to use with little 3-and-4-year-olds. It is the LGBTQ curriculum. It is the critical race theory. Our little children will be indoctrinated before they even get to kindergarten.

Watch below via RightWingWatch:

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