Cratering: A Majority of Non-College Whites Disapprove of Trump in ABC Poll

In the very first weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, Donald Trump saw a big boost in approval rating. A Gallup poll from mid-March even showed the President with a 49% overall approval rating. In that same survey, 60% of respondents said that they approved of his handling of the coronavirus.

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Those numbers have spectacularly cratered since them. Even in the President’s favorite poll, the right-leaning Rasmussen, he stands at a 54% disapproval rate. But the worst poll for Trump may have come from today’s ABC News’ release. According to this survey, he is underwater even with White non-college voters.

White voters who didn’t attend/graduate from college have been backbone of Trump’s political success. This voter type made up 44% of the electorate in 2016 and went for Trump by a margin of 64-28.

But white people without a college degree are quite upset with Trump’s recent handling of COVID-19. In the poll conducted by ABC News along with Ipsos, 50% of non-college white disapprove of the President’s handling of the crisis. This number stood at 42% the last time the poll was conducted.

Overall in the survey, 67% of the respondents disapprove of Trump’s handling.

This is just another in a series of terrible polls for the President. CNN election expert Harry Enten says of the numbers, “I’m sure there’s some universe out there where Trump wins with these numbers, but it is far, far, far, far, far away… Some of the worst numbers I’ve seen from a quality weekly poll.”

You can read the full results here

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