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Cranksgiving: Republicans Get Dragged For Attack on VP’s Cookware Purchase

Cranksgiving: Republicans Get Dragged For Attack on VP’s Cookware Purchase

The remaining loyal MAGA fanbase has but one talent only: turning a great big nothing into a giant manufactured outrage that gets more negative attention than any actual real-life results. Remember how Republicans tried to make Barack Obama’s tan suit a thing? Or when they tried to boycott “Hamilton”? Now think of something even dumber to get mad about, and you’ll have an idea of where the rest of this is going, because there’s no such thing as too low for a Trump supporter to go.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, while most people were doing regular things like eating a whole lot of food that somebody cooked and being thankful for it, the MAGAts decided it was the perfect time to get big mad over the Vice President *GASP* buying herself some really nice cookware. She was in Paris, Ground Zero for fancy cooking. Kamala Harris just happens to be a gourmet cook, and as my mom’s friend Sue told her back in the 80s whenever she hesitated to buy something when they were out shopping, “You work.”

Kamala Harris Senate seat resignation
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So because the Vice President is a woman of color, the MAGAts don’t think she should have anything nice, not even some Le Creuset cookware. Have you seen ever seen anything from Le Creuset? Even people who don’t cook want a Le Creuset dutch oven because it just looks cool af sitting on your stove.

“On a visit to Paris earlier this month, Harris reportedly spent more than $500 on cookware at E Dehillerin, a shop near the Louvre museum. She told reporters she was making the purchase with Thanksgiving cooking in mind, prompting laughter when she said her husband, Doug Emhoff, was her ‘apprentice’ in the kitchen,” read one media report.

MORE THAN FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS! WHEN THERE OTHER PEOPLE WHO CAN’T PAY THAT, OMFGZ IMPEACH HER NOW, MAGA! Or maybe just let the official GOP Twitter account do it for you because what decorum for people in office? That’s not EVER a thing, silly!

Of course, Twitter was right there waiting to scorch this latest false equivalence by reminding the Republicans that Stormy Daniels got far more for about 20 seconds of “work” and other fun examples of how every MAGA Math equation always includes some added projection.

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