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CPAC Speaker: Creationism “Is All The Science We Need To Know”

CPAC Speaker: Creationism “Is All The Science We Need To Know”

Science has given us an amazing if imperfect, incomplete but ever-growing, understanding of the world around us. Thanks to science and human intellectual curiosity, we have vaccines for polio and COVID-19. Science has taken humans into space, given us computers and phones, and found ways to medically save lives that would have been lost.

According to one CPAC speaker, we don’t need it.

[Screenshot via James Altman/Alpha News/YouTube]

Here’s Father James Altman. He’s speaking at CPAC, and he wants the audience to know that science isn’t necessary, beyond his assertion of his own religious beliefs as scientific fact. He says that God created Heaven and Earth, and that this is enough information — “all the science we need to know,” in fact.

It may be that Altman is having some strong feelings about science this week, since he was removed from his position over his comments about the pandemic, among other things.

According to America Magazine, he declared COVID-19 restrictions, put in place to save lives, “Nazi-esque,” along with telling his congregation that anyone supporting Democrats will burn in hell. There’s also a full ten minute rant, or perhaps sermon, from last year, in which Altman explains why he believes that one cannot be simultaneously Catholic and a Democrat, which can be seen here via Alpha News.
He was asked to resign in May, and responded with public claims that the Catholic church was trying to “silence” him.

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Now, he’s out:

The Diocese of La Crosse said in a statement Friday that Bishop William Patrick Callahan has issued a decree immediately removing the Rev. James Altman as pastor of St. James the Less, a parish in the city of La Crosse on the Wisconsin-Minnesota border, about 140 miles (225 kilometers) southeast of Minneapolis.

Still, it wasn’t enough to have him disinvited from CPAC, clearly.

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