CPAC Opens With Golden Idol Trump Statue To Horror Of Public

Republicans, known for, among other activities, trying to pass laws based on what they believe the Bible calls for, may have forgotten the story of Moses and the golden calf. At CPAC, they’re rolling out their own golden idol — a statue of Donald Trump.

[Screenshot via William Turton/Twitter]

A video clip from the Conservative Political Action Conference has been shared and reshared on social media, showing a golden statue of Donald Trump being rolled in. The statue is taller than the men rolling it in, has the former president dressed in a jacket and tie with American flag shorts and red flip flops. In one hand, the idol holds a document that appears to represent the Constitution — at least, the words at the top may be “We the people.” In the other, the statue holds what might be a magic wand — it’s certainly a stick with a star on the end, at any rate.

On social media, the public is calling out the statuary and comparing it to the Biblical story in which Moses came upon the Israelites worshiping a golden statue, against the very rules God had laid in place about idols, and destroyed it. They’re calling it “on brand” for the Republican party’s Trump worship, and for Trump’s persona itself.

Trump is scheduled to speak at the event, and despite his ouster from the White House, Republicans are still lining up to declare him the leader of, or even the embodiment of, the Republican Party, and continue to say they’d support him as the 2024 nominee.

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