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CPAC Chair Implies Attendees Would Get Violent With Mitt Romney If He Showed Up This Year

CPAC Chair Implies Attendees Would Get Violent With Mitt Romney If He Showed Up This Year

The head of the Conservative Political Action Conference, an annual convention of conservative thinkers and supporters, is saying that Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, a Republican, isn’t welcome at the event, and furthermore, his physical safety wouldn’t be a guaranteed thing if he did decide to attend.

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Matt Schlapp made the comments while speaking with Greta Van Susteren on Sunday during her weekly syndicated television show Full Court Press.

“We won’t credential him as a conservative,” Schlapp explained. “I suppose if he wants to come as a nonconservative and debate an issue with us, maybe in the future we would have him come.”

Schlapp added that attendees could get violent with Romney if he decided to show up for CPAC later this month, HuffPost reported. “This year, I would actually be afraid for his physical safety because people hate him so much,” he said.

Schlapp previously denounced Romney over his vote on allowing witnesses to be heard during the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. In a tweet he issued late last month, Schlapp said that Romney’s choice to support such a measure resulted in his being “formally NOT invited to #CPAC2020,” although it wasn’t clear whether Romney was slated to attend or not in the first place.

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“Mitt Romney deserved this [because] his Senate tenure is a waste and his vote was the latest outrage,” Schlapp added, per reporting from Fox News.

As previously reported by HillReporter.com, Romney defended his votes during the Senate trial, including his final vote in favor of indicting and removing Trump from office. Fox News host Chris Wallace reminded Romney of the political consequences of his vote.

“You realize this is war. Donald Trump will never forgive you for this,” Wallace said.

“I know in my heart that I’m doing what is right,” Romney responded. “I understand there’s going to be an enormous consequence. And I don’t have a choice in that regard.”

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