COVID Suffering GOP Rep. Admits Hydroxychloroquine “Did Nothing For Him”

COVID-19 has been ravaging the state of Florida over the last few months. Tuesday saw 5,446 new cases reported and a new high of 245 deaths. Lawmakers, like any other citizen, are not immune to the illness.

Image Via Randy Fine Facebook Page

Randy Fine is a Republican State Representative from Brevard County. Weeks ago, he contracted the illness and has been documenting his fight with COVID via his Facebook page. While discussing his treatment, the lawmaker said that he had taken a regimen of hydroxycloroquine and that is did nothing for him.

The GOP’er wrote on his Facebook page, “Folks, I’ve had the flu 30 times in my life. I’ve had a cold who knows how many times. I have never had to deal with anything like this. And for those who want to believe that hydrocloroquine is some kind of magic solution, I’ve been taking that too (I don’t oppose it, but I am tired of people pretending it is magic).”

Fine also commented on the drug to Florida Today, saying, “I’m over it. People should be able to use it if they want. But people should stop pretending it is some kind of magic potion as well. If they need proof, look at me.”

You can check out more of Fine’s posts about his ordeal here


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