COVID State of Emergency Declared in Alabama Town Set to Host Trump Rally

With no available ICU beds in the state, the city of Cullman, Alabama, has declared a COVID-19 state of emergency as it prepares to host Donald Trump’s MAGA rally on Saturday.

The City Council passed the resolution declaring the state of emergency on Thursday after it was requested by an overwhelmed Cullman Regional Hospital. It allowed the city to provide the additional personnel and equipment for this weekend’s political rally after it was requested by Cullman Regional. The hospital’s most recent COVID-19 update on Wednesday afternoon showed that the hospital was treating 56 COVID-19 patients, 12 of whom are on ventilators. The Alabama Hospital Association also announced Wednesday that there were no available ICU beds in Alabama out of the 1,562 units in the state.

An attorney for the city said Cullman will be providing fire/EMT and police personnel to handle some of the rally-related health issues, such as dehydration, that may occur on Saturday. The city will also be providing a 20 feet by 40-foot tent, a generator, and an air conditioning unit for the rally in the hope to stave off any non-COVID-related visits to the hospital. No COVID testing will be provided, nor will any proof of vaccination be needed to attend the rally.

Local health officials previously said they were “shivering in their boots” over the possibility that the Trump rally will turn into a COVID-19 superspreader event after a large concert in the city last weekend may have fueled an outbreak. Trump’s rally will be held a the same venue as the Rock the South concert, York Family Farms.


Trump has long been criticized for holding large maskless rallies with no social distancing during the pandemic. Last year, researchers concluded that 18 of his rallies led to more than 30,000 COVID cases and 700 deaths.

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