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COVID Expert Begs Joe Rogan For Help After Prominent Anti-Mask Activist Dies of Coronavirus

COVID Expert Begs Joe Rogan For Help After Prominent Anti-Mask Activist Dies of Coronavirus

Earlier this week, Hill Reporter profiled prominent Texas anti-mask activist Caleb Wallace‘s own terminal COVID19 diagnosis. Wallace died on Saturday, leaving behind a pregnant wife and three other children.

Now Baylor College of Medicine Professor Dr. Peter Hotez, a frequent MSNBC contributor, is urging podcaster Joe Rogan to help him combat COVID-19 misinformation in the wake of Wallace’s death.

Dr. Hotez took to the great social media equalizer, Twitter, to make a public appeal to Rogan, who’s garnered a devoted following of right-leaning, mostly young white men who are staunch Trump supporters and anti-vaxxers. Linking to a story about Wallace tweeted by Raw Story, Hotez referred to Wallace as “my Texas brother” and pleaded with the podcaster in a thread where other users replied with their own stories of unvaccinated friends and relatives still adamantly refusing the vaccines despite the dramatic spike in new cases across the country, but especially in Red states. Texas has seen one of the highest increases in new cases among the unvaccinated, and now vaccinated residents like Governor Greg Abbott are getting infected.

“My Texas brother,” Dr. Hotez tweeted to Rogan, “Can’t help but think if I had the opportunity to sit with him and his family. I might have explained he was being targeted by groups only in interested in hanging on to power here in Texas, and that they don’t care about him or his family,” Hotez wrote.

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“My son listens to Joe Rogan and refuses to get a vaccine. He’s responsible for millions of young men not getting the vaccine,” one user responded.  Dr. Hotez replied it was “also unfair to pin this on Joe, but I believe if he would agree we could make a pretty good dent, and literally save thousands of lives. What’s going on now in these parts, Texas, is just the warm-up act. I’ve seen the models, 800,000 deaths by Dec 1.”

Joe Rogan hadn’t responded by Saturday evening. Hill Reporter will update and share accordingly should he reply to Dr. Hotez.

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