Courts Again Slam Donald Trump In Tax Docs Case: No Stay Granted

On Thursday, courts turned down Donald Trump’s appeal to the ruling that would require him to turn over financial records to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. On Friday, a judge denied a stay on that ruling that would have allowed some leeway while the president’s legal team attempted another appeal. The judge asserted that this was in part due to the belief that it’s unlikely the president’s case would succeed on merits.

judge refuses stay
[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

As Vice reported in July, the Manhattan DA is requesting certain financial documents from Trump in an investigation of the Trump Organization. They’re alleging “multiple reports of criminal misconduct” by the company and employees thereof. Trump has been fighting to keep these records private.

After the Supreme Court ruled that the president isn’t immune to subpoena, the lower court continued with the case. Trump’s legal team appealed, and according to NPR, that appeal was denied Thursday. Though Trump’s representatives argued that the document request was overbroad, the judge said they hadn’t demonstrated that the investigation was in bad faith, and said, “Justice requires an end to this controversy.”

Trump’s team is attempting another appeal, and requested an emergency stay of the order in the meantime. CNBC reports that this request was denied on Friday.

U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero wrote in his order Friday that Trump “has not demonstrated that he will suffer irreparable harm” if the subpoena is enforced.

The judge also expressed concern about continued delays in the matter. Trump’s finances have been brought up as a matter of question repeatedly, from his pre-election claims that he would release tax records after an audit was completed, to concerns over whether a payment to Stormy Daniels for her silence constituted an illegal campaign contribution, to these allegations of criminal activity.

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