Court Docs Reveal That Jeffrey Epstein Took 14yo Victim To Meet Donald Trump

A lawsuit filed earlier this year by a woman who says she was a victim of Jeffrey Epstein brings Donald Trump’s name into the case yet again. Filing as Jane Doe, the victim alleges that Epstein took her to Mar-A-Lago, and said, “This is a good one, right?”

Jeffrey Epstein introduced victims to Trump
[Photo by Davidoff Studios/Getty Images]

As Raw Story reports, the lawsuit in this case does not allege any sexual misconduct by Donald Trump against this victim. It just marks one more connection between Trump and the child sex trafficking ring that Epstein was accused of running, and was facing charges for before his death in prison.

Other cases, however, do include specific allegations against Trump. The Guardian reported in 2016 on a woman who was forced to drop her charges against Epstein and Trump after she says she faced threats that had her in fear. This particular Jane Doe alleged that Trump and Epstein had both raped her when she was 13. There was a trial date set for December of 2016, but threats led the victim to drop the case in November. Trump publicly denied charges, claiming the victim was just attacking him for political reasons.

Trump has admitted connections with Epstein, and even mentioned his knowledge of Epstein’s alleged illegal activities, once commenting in an interview to say that Epstein loved very young girls. However, when questioned about Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s longtime associate who is awaiting trial on charges that she helped run a pedophile ring, Trump said he wished her well and suggested he didn’t know much about the accusations.

A suit alleging that Trump laughed when asked if Epstein’s teenage victim was “a good one” are yet another documentation of Trump’s awareness and connections to Epstein’s victims.

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