Couple Pulls Guns On BLM Protesters

A white couple has been photographed pointing guns at Black Lives Matter protesters. The man and woman pointed a handgun and AR-15 respectively. The incident took place in St. Loius Missouri where protesters were marching against Mayor Lyda Krewson.

Krewson became the subject of protest after she doxxed her constituents during a Facebook live. She revealed the names and addresses of those who support defunding the police. Mayor Krewson has apologized for her actions and took down the post. This brings us to yesterday’s incident.

The protesters’ march brought to the front of a wealthy home when the husband and wife came outside brandishing weapons.  St. Louis Dispatch photographer Laurie Skrivan confirmed that the couple pointed their weapons at the protesters. There is one photo showing the woman pointing her handgun. One Twitter user by the name of Jonathan Myerson Katz points out that the couple probably broke a Missouri statute.

Many point out that this reaction by the couple is probably a result of fearmongering and conservatives calling BLM terrorists. This coupled with a rise in gun purchases could lead to tragedy. we have already seen some instances of protesters being shot by far-right actors who see themselves as under attack by the left. We may expect to see more encounters like this one.

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