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Country Star Vince Gill’s New Album Addresses Immigration, Sexual Assault and Teen Pregnancy

Country Star Vince Gill’s New Album Addresses Immigration, Sexual Assault and Teen Pregnancy

It is no secret that the country music audience can skew quite conservative. The Dixie Chicks nearly lost their careers due to their criticism on President George W. Bush. Just recently Fox News’ Todd Starnes wrote a furious op-ed about star Kacey Musgraves demanding gun control. The author wrote, “It’s sad to say, but Ms. Musgraves is part of a new wave of liberal artists who are determined to change the culture and twang of country music.”

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Due to the criticism artists can take for speaking their mind, many choose to stay silent about their political views. Not all of them, though. After a wildly successful 40 year career, Vince Gill’s new album addresses topics such as sex abuse, teen pregnancy and racial inequality.

Gill became more outspoken about his experiences after revealing he was a victim of sexual assault. “There is so much shame,” said the singer. “If you speak out, you are persecuted. I wanted to speak out for innocence.”

In his new album, Okie, he addresses other topics that may be considered liberal. He told Rolling Stone:

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“My life has never been political. I’ve never been out there saying endorse this candidate, or that one. But I’m not afraid to have a decent conversation about some of this stuff. We could solve so many things by being fair-minded. Workers wouldn’t need to unionize if whoever we worked for treated us fairly, and equal. And people are always screaming about immigration, but hey, we’re all immigrants. I’d like to think there are solutions, but it has to do with people being more fair-minded, and kind.” 

Gill’s new album, Okie, is now available in stores and online.


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