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Country Rocker Jason Isbell Destroys Jeff Sessions on Twitter

Country Rocker Jason Isbell Destroys Jeff Sessions on Twitter

Country music artists have long been seen as being especially supportive of Conservative causes. That idea began to change in the early 2000’s when The Dixie Chicks came out against George W. Bush. Since then, Liberal country voices like Sturgill Simpson, Kacey Musgraves and The Brothers Osbourne have continued to speak up for Liberal causes.

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Jason Isbell, who has won 4 Americana Grammy Awards, is another Liberal voice in the world of country music. He is proud of his Alabama roots and a supporter of Alabama Senator Doug Jones. After senate hopeful Jeff Sessions ripped Jones this weekend, Isbell furiously fired back calling Sessions the worst kind of Alabama stereotype.

Sessions had attempted to take on Jones over the Democrats stance on removing Alabama’s confederate statutes. The former Attorney General tweeted, “Doug Jones vote to remove from all military facilities and installations the names of every soldier who fought for the Confederacy betrays the character and decency of every soldier who fought for the South in that bloody and monumental war.”

The former Trump official continued, “Doug Jones has wholly capitulated to the politically correct radicals who are working day and night to erase American history, right before our very eyes.”

The drew the ire of the American roots rocker. Isbell replied to Sessions, “It’s funny Jeff. I’m from Alabama and I’ve never been mocked by a stranger for believing the things Doug Jones believes. Usually the folks who make fun of Alabama assume we’re all like you.”

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