Counter-Protestors ‘Murder’ Mannequin, Knee-To-Neck, Mocking George Floyd At Black Lives Matter March

In New Jersey, marching Black Lives Matter protestors were met by Trump supporters staging a counter-protest that included a re-enactment of the death of George Floyd. Kneeling on the neck of a mannequin, the man yells back at protestors. He says that Floyd, who begged for air and his mother for long minutes before succumbing to death at the knee of a Minneapolis police officer, brought on his own fate by failing to comply.

Mocking George Floyd death, Trumpers counter protest
[Screenshot via Twitter/Brother Tyrone]
Numerous videos from the event show the march and the small counter-protest. About four counter-protestors are visible, with pickup trucks adorned with American flags and Trump banners. One truck appears to have a ‘thin blue line’ flag. A sign reads, “All lives matter,” despite the shouter’s assertion that Floyd’s was forfeit.

According to RawStory, the protest march went through Franklin Township in New Jersey on Monday, with a police escort.

Protests have been carried out across the country, and outside the U.S. as well, since the death of George Floyd. Though the four officers in that incident have all been arrested and charged, it took days after his death to do so. Activists have said that the authoritarian police response to those protests just proves the necessity. The Washington Post collected videos and stories of numerous incidents of police brutality at the protests that….call for an end to police brutality.

Counter-protestors have been involved in multiple incidents, including a Trump supporter brandishing a gun at protestors, with the Trump group claiming they were in fear for their lives after approaching the BLM group.

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