Counter Protester Says He Wants “To Break A Black Kid’s Head” Then Throws Punches

An man who showed up at a Black Lives Matter event appears in videos, first declaring his desire to “break a Black kid’s head,” then throwing punches at a protestor. He has not yet been identified.

throws a punch at black lives matter
[Screenshot via Twitter]

Two clips apparently of the same man have surfaced on social media. In one very short clip, the man appears to say, “I wanna break a Black kid’s head.” In the second, he can be seen approaching protestors. While much of the dialogue is unclear due to shouting, both individuals appear to be gesturing emphatically. The Black Lives Matter protestor can be heard to say something like, “Racist, bro….care about you, you don’t care about us.” Then, the counter-protestor swings a fist. According to Raw Story, this all takes place at an event in Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge neighborhood.

In addition to violence, the video below contains profanity, so please view with discretion.

Once the above video started going viral on Twitter, other users thought they recognized the puncher — and someone shared a shorter clip they’d pulled from Instagram. It’s just three seconds in which the counter-protestor appears to laugh into the camera about “break[ing] a Black kid’s head.”

The punching man has not been identified by name, but BLM protestors say he was with a Blue Lives Matter group. Behind him in the short clip, signs reading “Trump 2020” and “God bless NYPD” are visible.

In the punching video, police officers can be seen stepping between the two protest groups, but do not appear to take any further action. Twitter users are asking New York officials why the punching man isn’t being charged, though the New York Post reports that witnesses say he was briefly detained.

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