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Could Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Latest Disinformation Tweet Be Her Last? She’s Had Many Warnings

Could Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Latest Disinformation Tweet Be Her Last? She’s Had Many Warnings

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter rule violations show no signs of stopping, despite warnings, deleted tweets, and even temporary bans. The last time, she lost access to the site for a week. Next time, her ban could be permanent — but when will the site make the move?

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Greene has been disciplined by the social media site multiple times for spreading disinformation about COVID-19. Last month, the site cut off the option to reply to or share one tweet, in which Greene falsely claimed that the vaccines produced for COVID-19 are not effective, and that masks don’t work either. She caught a 7-day ban, but was right back at it the moment she was allowed back on the site.

Twitter uses a series of progressively increasing limits on accounts that repeatedly break the rules — Greene’s mid-July suspension (when she said vaccines and masks should not be mandated and that COVID-19 is only dangerous to those who are obese or over 65; and that instead of getting vaccinated people should lose weight) was only 12 hours.

Now she’s testing the limit with a new tweet that claims masking children is child abuse, and falsely suggests that masks prevent proper development of speech and emotional connections, and is unhealthy.

People are making it clear that they’re tired of the disinformation, and ready for Twitter to make a permanent decision. Many have responded to let her know they’re reporting the tweet, and hope it will mark the end of a disinformation campaign.

There’s also a petition circulating with the same purpose.

We have seen what happened with disgraced ex-President Trump, Twitter, and his following this past year. An attempted insurrection. People like Marjorie Taylor Green should not have unchecked access to hundreds of thousands of social media users.

The petition makes the case that Greene’s Twitter behavior is among the causes that continue to extend the pandemic and fill hospitals, endangering more lives across the country.

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