Cory Gardner Loses Denver Post Endorsement Following Emergency Declaration Vote

Donald Trump was dealt a major defeat yesterday as 12 Republican senators voted against his emergency wall declaration. Though running for reelection in a state that is largely turning blue, Colorado’s Cory Gardner was not among them.

Photo by Al Drago/Getty Images

In 2014, the Denver Post endorsed Gardner, hoping that he would bring a strong conservative voice to the Senate. Today, in a stinging editorial, the Post rescinded that endorsement, citing Gardner’s capitulation to Trump.

Gardner’s support of Trump’s national emergency declaration was the last straw for the paper. The editorial board wrote, “Trump’s declaration is an abuse of his power, a direct overturning of Congress’ deliberate decision to pass a federal budget without funding for a wall. Put simply this is a constitutional crisis and one of Colorado’s two senators has failed the test.”

Gardner has taken some stands against the Republican party. He made a call for Roy Moore to be expelled following allegations of sexual impropriety. He also tends to take liberal positions on the immigration debate. In July of 2018, Lindsey Graham told Politico, “He’s been strong on immigration and stands up to the Roy Moores of the world. That’s the kind of person we need leading the Republican Party.”

For the Denver Post, however, these actions have not outweighed the Colorado senator’s support of Trump. The editorial board continued, “Tuesday’s vote was the last straw. We no longer know what principles guide the senator and regret giving him our support in a close race against Mark Udall.”

Gardner’s opponent in Colorado’s 2020 Senate election will be science researcher, Trish Zornio. Zornio recently appeared on Krassencast to discuss her campaign and her plan for Colorado.

You can listen to the interview here:

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