‘Corruption Is Their Brand’: Walter Shaub On Republican Silence After Berman’s Firing

Republicans are being taken to task by former Office of Government Ethics Director Walter Shaub over their silence regarding the firing of SDNY’s Geoffrey Berman. Shaub blasted Senate Republicans for showing loyalty to President Trump throughout his assaults on checks to his power.

Shaub tweeted that the Republicans’ refusal to investigate Berman’s firing is similar to when every Republican except Mitt Romney voted to fully acquit President Trump during his impeachment trial. He tweeted, “When Trump extorted Ukraine to interfere in our election, Senate Republicans backed him. When Trump fired inspectors general, Senate Republicans backed him. Trump fired the US Attorney investigating his allies, and Senate Republicans are backing him. Corruption is their brand.”

Many see Trump as getting rid of anyone who could potentially take him down. So far, Trump has been able to depend on Senate Republicans to either back him up or not do anything when he does something drastic. As the election looms closer there is no doubt that Trump will be looking to Senate Republicans for help in his reelection. Although some Republicans have broken from Trump he largely has their support.

This may turn out to be a bad move for some Republicans. One, in particular, is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who was recently out-fundraised by a potential opponent Amy McGrath. For the first time in a long time, McConnell may have a good chance of being voted out. His loyalty to Trump may be the deciding factor. We will see what happens as November approaches.

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