Corporations Say Black Lives Matter — But Buy Commercial Space On Fox News

Can a corporation support both the Black Lives Matter movement and Fox News? The news and entertainment hosts on the network frequently deride the movement, mock protestors, and incriminate victims of police violence. However, many companies that pay for advertising on Fox News programs now say they support the current civil rights movement and justice reform.

fox news advertisers say black lives matter
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

How does Fox address black lives lost to systemic injustice? According to WGN, this past weekend it was with a graphic showing how these deaths affect the stock market. The network apologized, but for airing the image “without full context” — not for focusing on the wealthy getting wealthier at the cost of human life.

For another example of the network’s reporting on Black Lives Matter, see Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s tweet, deriding the Black Lives Matter square as ‘patronizing.’

Now some consumers are calling for companies that really want to show their support for black lives and for justice for all to pull advertisement from the network.

Media Matters For America, tracking responses from advertisers on Fox, found a list of corporations that are outwardly claiming to want more justice, but still paying for advertising on the network that hosts so much derision for lives lost to state violence. These include Best Buy, Allstate, and others.

However, the public pressure is on and making a difference. One company, Rakuten, a cash-back shopping app, has already pulled advertising. They did clarify that they pulled advertising from multiple news networks, to avoid using ‘social unrest’ as a promotional tool.

It’s not the first time — or even the first time this year — advertisers have been criticized for financially supporting Fox and the messages it spreads. In March, Hollywood Reporter noted that staff at the network was worried about the impact of hosts’ denial of COVID-19 dangers, but that advertisers refused to take a stand. Petitions have circulated in the past asking advertisers to dump the network over misinformation or promotion of problematic norms — such as this one, asking corporations to drop their slots on Tucker Carlson’s show, after he called white supremacy a hoax.

The power of consumers over corporations, and in turn, the financial dependency of media on advertising dollars, has enabled the people to use their wallets and come together to force change. It remains to be seen whether companies that are currently shouting their support for equal justice will listen to consumers about this particular advertising buy.

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