Coronavirus is No Kryptonite for Superman Trump

Former TV show host and current president Donald Trump has been proclaiming how great he feels after undergoing treatment for coronavirus last weekend at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Many have speculated that Trump is surfing a dexamethasone steroid wave.

Apparently he was feeling so good as he was about to depart Walter Reed he actually considered this, according to a report in the New York Times: “when he left the hospital, he wanted to appear frail at first when people saw him, according to people with knowledge of the conversations. But underneath his button-down dress shirt, he would wear a Superman T-shirt, which he would reveal as a symbol of strength when he ripped open the top layer. He ultimately did not go ahead with the stunt.”

Trump reportedly shared his harebrained scheme by telephone with multiple people. That remarkable piece of reporting is buried many paragraphs down in an article about Trump’s latest balcony speech at the White House Saturday afternoon.

The reaction on Twitter was about what you’d expect.

Preet Bharara: I know Superman. Superman was a hero of mine. President Trump, you’re no Superman.

George Conway: He really is five years old.

(Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

“Willy Wonka” almost immediately began trending as many likened Trump’s zany plan to Gene Wilder’s limping cane scene.

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