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Corey Lewandowski Will Not be Running For New Hampshire Senate Seat

Corey Lewandowski Will Not be Running For New Hampshire Senate Seat

Corey Lewandowski was one of Donald Trump’s earliest and most ardent supporters. The political strategist came from out of nowhere to become Trump’s campaign chief. He was eventually replaced by Paul Manafort who was convicted on a number of crimes and will be in prison until December of 2024.

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The former campaign manager hoped to parlay his job with Trump into a job with politics. He regularly appeared on cable news and also hinted that she could run for Jeanne Shaheen’s New Hampshire senate seat. Over the holidays, however, Lewandowski announced that he would not be running for office.

The political strategist said, “NH needs a US Senator who will put our citizens first and not illegal aliens; one who will support pro-growth policies to keep the Trump economy strong; one who will support strict constitutionalist judges; and one who will fight for our values, not those of Washington, DC.”

Lewandowski continued, “Accordingly, I will be making an endorsement in the Republican Primary for U.S. Senate in the near future to ensure we defeat Jeanne Shaheen in 2020.”

Some Republicans in New Hampshire wanted nothing to do with the former Trump aide. Judd Gregg, who spent 18 years as a senator said of Lewandowski, “He’s a thug. He’s part of Trump’s cadre of thugs. If he were to run and become the nominee, it would be an outrage.”

Some polling showed that Lewandowski was likely to win the Republican nomination. The race will now come down to either Donald Bolduc or Bill O’Brien.

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