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Conway Attacks Asian American Reporter While Defending Kung Flu Remarks

Conway Attacks Asian American Reporter While Defending Kung Flu Remarks

In Mid March, CBS’ Weijia Jiang revealed that a White House staffer had called COVID-19 “Kung Flu.” to her face. An aghast Kellyanne Conway said it was a horrible term and asked Jiang to publicly out the person that said it. The reporter refused.

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Controversy over the term has risen again now that Donald Trump has regularly used it during his rallies. On Wednesday, Conway defended Trump’s use of the term and also took a dig at Jiang for still refusing to name the person who insulted her.

The adviser to the President first tried to deflect questions about Trump’s use of the term, saying, “I also asked Weijia to reveal to us who said it, I think that would have gone a long way. Here she comes, so ask her.”

Conway then defended Trump:

”My reaction is that the president has made very clear he wants everybody to understand, and I think many Americans do understand, that the virus originated in China and that had China been more transparent and honest with the United States and the world, we wouldn’t have all the death and destruction that unfortunately we’ve suffered.”

The adviser again turned her attention to Jiang, pressing her to reveal who had inspired her.

Keeping her cool, the CBS reporter asked, ”At the time you said you wanted to talk to the person and tell them it was hurtful. Are you going to tell that to the president?”

Watch a clip of the incident below, courtesy of C-SPAN


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