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Constitutional Expert Dismisses Trump’s Twitter Lawsuit As Meritless “Abuse Of Judicial System”

Constitutional Expert Dismisses Trump’s Twitter Lawsuit As Meritless “Abuse Of Judicial System”

Donald Trump is pursuing legal action to try to regain control of his Twitter account. A Constitutional professor says that the lawsuit is frivolous, and an abuse of the judicial system.

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The Guardian reports that Trump’s legal representation has made a move in the lawsuit he filed against Twitter and other social media giants in July. He wants a judge to rule that Twitter must give him back access to his account while the case moves through the court.

Trump’s Twitter account — along with others including Facebook — was permanently suspended in January, after he used it to rile up supporters who believed that the election had been stolen from him, leading up to a rally in D.C. on the day Congress met to confirm the electoral vote, and subsequent attack on Congress by his supporters. Since losing his account, Trump has fought to have it restored, seeming to find the alternative sites other booted influencers have resorted to unsatisfactory. He reportedly even tried to get paid for joining a right-wing social media site.

Does his lawsuit have any chance of prevailing? Perhaps Constitutional Professor Laurence Tribe has been asked that many times, because Sunday morning he responded with a tweet that left no doubt on his views of the Constitutional merits — or rather, the lack thereof — of the case.

Tribe, who has weighed in numerous times on Trump’s legal challenges, describes the lawsuit as not only meritless and abuse of the judicial system, but “…garbage. Pure BS. A pile of crap.”

That’s pretty much the exact opposite of how Trump described the case in a July statement released through his spokesperson, Liz Harrington.

“A very important and very beautiful development.”

As yet, there has been no official response to Trump’s request for the immediate return of his account.

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