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Conspiracy Theorist Posts and Deletes Video Mocking QAnon

Conspiracy Theorist Posts and Deletes Video Mocking QAnon

It is no secret that a substantial portion of former President Donald Trump’s base of support either subscribes to or is actively involved in promoting QAnon’s insane conspiracy theories. But on Thursday, one Trump fan – pastor Todd Coconato – broke ranks and posted a video to Facebook in which he implored his peers to stop spreading falsehoods, including but not limited to their main credo that Trump is still the president of the United States.


“Now with the Q thing, and I know a lot of people, you know, really still follow Q even though Q isn’t posting anymore. But the problem with me with Q is that I know the people that did the Q thing. So, you know, I have a little bit different perspective because I know the whole group and I’m not involved. I wasn’t involved in any way, nor did I really follow Q, but you know because of my connections, you know, I pretty much know who was involved with the whole Q thing,” Coconato said. “And so when I know those people, it’s like if you guys have like a friendship ya know, from high school and you know somebody, ya know, and you know who they are, you’re not going to take them as seriously [as] somebody who doesn’t know them. And the people that don’t know them are out there and they’re believing everything, but if you know the person you’re like, ‘Dude, that’s Brian. Like, I know Brian. Like, what does Brian know,’ ya know?”

Coconato also boasted about having spoken with “high-level” Trump Administration officials who begged him to wrangle his flock back into reality (as much as that would be possible).

“A lot of these people that are saying this, okay, that Trump is still president, and they’re talking about a theory called ‘Devolution,’ and they’re talking about many, many things. Here’s the problem with what I have with that, okay? I’ve sat down in green rooms, okay, at very high-level meetings, with people that were part of President Trump’s Cabinet,” Coconato continued. “I’m talking about people that you would know if I mention their name. High-level people, okay? I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m a very well-read individual, ya know, and I’ve been around President Trump. I’ve been around his staff. I’ve been around his administration. And I’ve asked them friends point blank – point blank – I said, ‘Is there any chance that the military is in control? Is there any chance that President Trump is still president right now? Because there’s a lot of people that are saying this.’ And these people that have the ear of President Trump on an almost daily basis, okay, have told me, ‘Please, tell your followers and tell the people, okay, tell the people that what these people online are saying is not true.’ These are President Trump’s people! And then the people get mad at me because they say, ‘Oh, it’s not true. He’s the president.’ I understand. Listen, I would love for President Trump to be the president. I would love that. But I’m just telling you there’s a lot of people that tell us different things, you know, ‘Oh, the military is in control.’ Again, I’ve spoken to generals. Top generals. Top generals of the president’s Cabinet, OK? And they’ve said to me, ‘Pastor Todd, please tell your people that’s not the case, okay?'”

But because he was on his way to an event with the very people he thinks are nuts, Coconato deleted the video shortly after sharing it. Thankfully, we have the receipts.

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