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Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones May Face Charges for Apparent Biden Threat

Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones May Face Charges for Apparent Biden Threat

When most people hear the name Alex Jones, they immediately associate him with conspiracy theories and irrational behavior, so it’s often easy to dismiss him for being just another Trump surrogate spouting senseless nonsense. However, the “InfoWars” host has now crossed the line from loud ravings in his home studio to real-life rantings on the streets, adding to the violent tone of the “Million MAGA March” that took place on Saturday in Washington, DC.

The crowd that assembled to rally against the election results they didn’t like in front of the White House was all Proud Boys and QAnons and various MAGA types, which of course is the target audience for Jones. Playing to his base, Jones whipped himself into a frenzy, saying that Joe Biden will be removed from the White House “one way or another.”

During the speech, Jones pushed Trump’s unfounded claims of election fraud and referenced the QAnon conspiracy theory, which promotes the belief that Trump is secretly working to save the world from a satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals.

“So I don’t know who’s going to the White House in 38 days but I sure know this – Joe Biden is a globalist and Joe Biden will be removed one way or another,” Jones bellowed to the crowd.

The speech quickly drew backlash on social media, with some critics demanding Jones be arrested in light of the comments. Race author and activist Tim Wise tweeted: “Time to arrest Alex Jones. This was a threat against the president-elect. It is not protected speech. Arrest him.”

“World government is here, and the system is publicly stealing this election from the biggest landslide and the biggest political realignment since 1776,” Jones also said, despite zero evidence of fraud being found.

All 50 states have certified their election results. The Electoral College is set to vote for Biden on Monday following the Trump campaign losing more than four dozen legal challenges.

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