Conspiracy Theorist Accuses ‘Deep State’ of Attempting to Assassinate Tiger Woods

QAnon supporter Bishop Larry Gaiters of Global Spiritual Revolution Radio – who on Tuesday claimed that the fringe movement was founded prior to the American Civil War and that President Ulysses S. Grant was bought and paid for by the the Vatican and Rothschild family – also alleged that the deep state attempted to assassinate golfer Tiger Woods in order to stop him from exposing a sinister relationship between President Joe Biden’s family and GameStop.


Gaiters stated that the supposed hit job began when Woods was arrested for driving under the influence in 2017

“Tiger Woods, that was an attempt at assassination. They want to lie to you and lied that Tiger Woods was intoxicated and he was driving to – that’s a lie, okay?” Gaiters said on Tuesday’s edition of Patrick McKay’s Patriot Streetfighter podcast.

“So, there was no break or cement ravine in the place where Tiger Woods almost lost his life. Well, the deep state wanted to take him out. Why? Well, a week before his ‘accident,'” Gaiters continued with air quotes, “he sold off his shares in Reddit, GameStop, and Robinhood. And Tiger Woods was going to give a major press conference concerning Reddit, GameStop, and Robinhood. He was going to expose it at the highest levels in connection to the Biden family. Now his legs are crushed.”

That is quite the reach, considering that in 2017 Donald Trump was president of the United States and Biden was enjoying a break after serving two terms as vice president – a full four years before the Reddit/GameStop/Robinhood stock market mess went down.

As usual, Gaiters presented zero evidence to support his allegation.

Watch below via RightWingWatch:

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