Conspiracy Theorist: 55 Assassination Attempts Failed Because Of Donald Trump Clones

A YouTuber and conspiracy theorist, Cirsten Weldon, now says that there’s an impending assassination plot to take out President Donald Trump. It’s not the first attempt, according to her — she believes there have been 55 attempts already, and they only failed because the president has clones, who can be differentiated from the real Donald Trump primarily by the color of their neckties.

assassination clones: red tie is real Trump
[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Right Wing Watch caught a clip from Cirsten Weldon’s YouTube show, where she interviews guests and promotes political conspiracy theories. In this clip, Weldon says she’s gotten ‘military intelligence’ that Trump is being targeted, and that in mid-July, three FBI agents will ‘triangulate’ to assassinate Donald Trump. This, she says, will be the 55th attempt.

In fact, she claims, the reason that all attempts to kill the president have failed so far is because he has clones (two of whom she says have already been killed in Trump’s stead), which can be identified by their tie color — “The blue-tie Trump is a happy clone that’s very good at golf, the yellow-tie Trump is not that smart, and the real Trump usually is the red-tie Trump.”

This particular conspiracy theory has already failed — Weldon’s prediction was for the attack to happen on the 15th, 16th, or 17th of July, and the president has, since then, played golf with Lindsey Graham (July 19) and held political rallies by telephone (July 18), and continues to tweet as normal.

It’s not the first time Weldon has been wrong about the government killing someone — last week, Chelsea Clinton had to reassure the public that her parents had not been executed in March for contrived crimes, after Weldon claimed these executions would be available on pay-per-view as soon as Trump is re-elected.

Conspiracy theories abound across social media, with Donald Trump even promoting some himself, such as the amorphous and ill-defined “Obamagate.” Chelsea Clinton’s response gets to the heart of how outrageous, unsupported claims invite both ridicule and serious risk: “This is deranged and dangerous. It has to be laughed at and taken seriously.”

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