Conspiracy Kook Rick Wiles Wants to Run in 2024 and Pledges to Take Away Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg’s Money

The redistribution of wealth has always been more of a Democratic talking point that a Republican one. Joe Biden is currently floating the idea of a $15 minimum wage. No Republican senator is showing support for the measure despite it’s popularity among their constituents.

Rick WIles says thank God BLM will be hunted down
[Screenshot via Tru News]
Surprisingly, Conservative conspiracy mongering pastor Rick Wiles believes in redistribution of wealth. He says he plans on making it part of his platform is he runs for president in 2024. Wiles, though, would only be taking money from people like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

The pastor said on his web show:

“When you use your money and power to change my life, to take away my rights, to try to force things on me that I object to, that I find morally repulsive, when you try to restrict my free speech, when you try to promote population control, you want to pump vaccines into my body, when you want to change society, you know what? You’re my enemy. The only way you’re able to do it is because you’re a billionaire. So then we need to take away your billions.”

Wiles continued, “There needs to be a populist movement in this country,” he continued. “Let’s break up the tech companies. Let’s take the billions. I want to take Bill Gates’ billions and give it to the poor. I want to give it to the poor. I want to strip them, completely strip them, and give it to the poor. I want Jack Dorsey’s money. I want [Mark] Zuckerberg’s money. I want to give it to the poor. I might run in 2024. I might run on that platform. Take the money from the rich give it to the poor.”



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