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Conservatives Spreading Image Claiming Hillary Clinton Wore Blackface Costume

Conservatives Spreading Image Claiming Hillary Clinton Wore Blackface Costume

Warning: the following post contains racist imagery.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, a Democrat, is in hot water for a photo that appeared on his yearbook page that depicts two individuals in racist garb, one in a Ku Klux Klan outfit and the other in blackface.

The image is rightfully offensive. But it seems that conservatives online see an opening to reignite an errant claim against Hillary Clinton that they’ve made in the past, by sharing an image they purport to be the former Secretary of State in blackface as well.

Conservatives on Twitter and other social media outlets have begun sharing an image of both Hillary and Bill Clinton, allegedly at a costume party. The man whom they claim is Bill is dressed as a hillbilly, while the woman whom they say is Hillary has covered her face in minstrel paint.

The image is spreading online so fast this week that the fact-checking site Snopes says it’s the top-searched claim on their site for this past week. It’s likely due to the Northam scandal, as in conjunction to the right’s continued obsession with discrediting the Clintons, as the users in the tweets below attempt to do:


But as alluded to above, the image that supposedly shows the Clintons dressed in a racist manner is a fake. There are some clear signs that Snopes found two years ago in a post discussing the image that demonstrate it’s not the Clintons who are in that photo.

First, there’s a height difference between the married couple. Other images of the Clintons show that Bill is much taller than Hillary — even though the man in the image above is taller than the woman, in other photos it’s well understood that the former president actually towers over the former Secretary of State (see image from tweet below).

Another major sign that the image is fake is the fact that it came about fifteen years after Bill Clinton left office. It’s more likely that the photo isn’t them rather than it having been kept hidden for the eight years the power couple were in the White House.

Finally, the biggest giveaway that the image doesn’t show the Clintons in racist costumes is the physical features of the two individuals in the image itself. Older pictures of Bill show he had a “fuller” face, while the man in overalls in the purported image of the president has a thinner face. The woman in that image also has brown eyes — but Hillary Clinton actually has blue eyes.

There are clear remonstrations being made against the current governor of Virginia for the part he may have played in racist imagery on his college yearbook page in the 1980s. But the continuation of this long-debunked claim (that Hillary Clinton wore blackface as well) is nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of some on the right.

Truth should prevail in this matter, and the truth is that this picture, allegedly from Bill and Hillary Clinton’s past, is fake.

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