Conservatives Like Dean Cain Have Been Sharing a Picture of the Whistleblower. But They Have the Wrong Guy.

People who follow conservatives on Facebook or Twitter may have seen a photograph of the alleged whistleblower. The problem is that the photo being shared is not of the person who complained about Trump’s Ukraine call with Volodmyr Zelensky.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The individual is the group shot is actually R. David Edelman, who once worked as a staffer in the Obama White House. Edelman has been trying in vain to get the message out to those sharing the photo that he left the government once Trump took over in January of 2017.

The former Obama staffer is intimately familiar with the problem of internet hoaxes. He worked at the White House as a cyber security expert.

Since he has been “outed” as the whistleblower, Edelman has been receiving death threats. He told the Daily Beast, “Yes, there were lots of people saying mean and threatening things. Yes, it is the internet.”

The photo began to really catch viral fire once it was shared by former actor and now Conservative commentator Dean Cain. Cain has yet to remove the mis-credited photo.

Edelman said of the actor, “Dean Cain’s circulation of it was one of the distribution tipping points.”

The cyber-security expert attempted to correct the record by tweeting, “FAKE NEWS: the ‘NERD’ circled below is the whistleblower. TRUE (just not news): the ‘NERD’ circled below is…this nerd. Me. Left government in 2017. Sorry to disappoint, y’all.”

So far, though, the reach of those who initially shared the photo has outpaced the reach of Edelman.



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