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Conservatives Big Mad Over New Gun Measures Trend “#ImpeachBiden”

Conservatives Big Mad Over New Gun Measures Trend “#ImpeachBiden”

President Joe Biden announced a half-dozen new executive actions Thursday aimed at addressing the proliferation of gun violence across the nation that he called an “epidemic and an international embarrassment.” The President addressed the many mass shootings that have taken place in the country in the last few weeks in Georgia, Colorado, and South Carolina. Even as President Biden spoke to the gun violence in America, another mass shooting was taking place in Bryan, Texas (one victim had died in that shooting at press time).

“The idea that we have so many people dying every single day from gun violence in America is a blemish on our character as a nation,” President Biden said during his remarks at the White House. But there are limitations of the President’s executive power to act on guns. While President Biden asserted that he’s “willing to work with anyone to get it done,” gun control measures face slim prospects in an evenly divided Senate, where Republicans remain near-unified against most proposals. And the unhappy right took to Twitter to air their usual grievances: that the government is coming for everyone’s guns, when in reality that has never been anyone’s agenda.

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President Biden’s new orders tighten regulations on homemade guns and provide more resources for gun violence prevention, but fall far short of the sweeping gun-control agenda he laid out on the campaign trail. He reiterated his urgent plea for Congress to act, calling on the Senate to take up House-passed measures closing background check loopholes. He also said Congress should pass the Violence Against Women Act, eliminate legal exemptions for gun manufacturers, and ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

“This is not a partisan issue among the American people,” President Biden insisted.

The President is tightening regulations of buyers of “ghost guns” — homemade firearms that usually are assembled from parts and milled with a metal-cutting machine and often lack serial numbers used to trace them. It’s legal to build a gun in a home or a workshop and there is no federal requirement for a background check. The Justice Department will issue a proposed rule requiring such gun kits be treated as firearms under the Gun Control Act, which would require that the parts be made with serial numbers and that buyers receive background checks. A second proposed rule, expected within 60 days, will tighten regulations on pistol-stabilizing braces, like the one used by the Boulder, Colorado, shooter in a rampage last month that left 10 dead.

The rule will designate pistols used with stabilizing braces as short-barreled rifles, which require a federal license to own and are subject to a more thorough application process and a $200 tax. But you can’t tell that to the gun brigade on Twitter and all of the bots programmed to swarm anyone tweeting in favor of gun reform.

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As it usually happens when the right tries to trend something the Democrats have trended (who recalls the glory days of the #ImpeachTrump trends?), liberals took over the hashtag to mock the ones who started it.

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