Conservatives Attempt to “Claim” Adam Driver After he Makes Taxes Joke

Adam Driver has been on a multi-year hot streak. He is currently starring in the blockbuster Star Wars film, The Rise of Skywalker. He also appeared in Marriage Story which has been a hit movie during awards season.

Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images

With all the awards shows he currently attending, the actor is being asked many questions. He recently answered a question about playing a bad guy and he made a joke about taxes. A number of Conservatives have decided that Driver’s joke proves that he’s one of them.

A video made the rounds on Twitter of the actor being asked, “Does acting like a bad guy come naturally to you or do you go to a dark place..?” He answered, ““I just think about taxes and traffic and I’m there.”

A video of the interview was quickly shared by the Daily Caller’s Twitter feed.

Red State’s Brandon Morse jumped all over the clip, gushing, “Adam Driver is slowly becoming one of my favorite people in Hollywood. He carries movies, actually served in the military, and openly isn’t a fan of taxes.”

JD Rucker of the Christian NOQ report simply wrote, “I am Adam Driver.”

Driver is notoriously private and is not one to talk about his political beliefs. One statement he made on Alan Alda’s podcast might help to clue people in on where he stands.

“I feel like I try to find something empathetic about people but I don’t understand organized hatred,” said the actor. “I can’t understand groups, and this is speaking generally, I know, but who persecute against another group because of something they don’t understand. They could be lots of different groups. I know it’s a general, but I just don’t understand that. I feel like that’s such a missed opportunity. To know something different other than…You know, travel is an amazing thing and it makes you so aware of we’re alive for such a short amount of time.”

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