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Conservatives Accept Election Results — As Long As They Win

Conservatives Accept Election Results — As Long As They Win

One hypocrisy that has been called out repeatedly in this election cycle is that while Trump’s team and supporters aren’t willing to accept the result of the presidential election, and insist that Democrats committed massive fraud to win, they’re happy to accept outcomes in the Senate, House, and state and local elections where they won — even though those are on the same ballots.

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It’s not limited to other races. On Wednesday, Ivanka Trump tweeted to joyfully celebrate that her father won in Alaska, thus being awarded that state’s 3 electors. However, one thing stood out. Alaska, like other states, has not yet certified the votes. Instead, what Ivanka is celebrating is the Associated Press projection of the state’s outcome — the very thing her family and her father’s supporters have boldly proclaimed should not be counted in other states.


Some down-ballot examples include Lauren Boebert, the Republican who won the election in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District for a U.S. House seat. Though her election was on the same ballots, not yet certified, and she won by only about 13k votes, according to Ballotpedia (51.1% to her Democratic opponent’s 45.6%), she’s unwilling to accept Biden as President-Elect, but calling herself Congresswoman-Elect, as the Daily Beast‘s Justin Baragona called out.

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Then there’s Senator Thom Tillis, of North Carolina. With vote totals in his state incomplete, he’s the projected winner, beating his Democratic opponent Cal Cunningham in votes by less than two percentage points, according to Ballotpedia. He’s proud to support Donald Trump in seeking recounts and challenging votes, but happy to accept a win for himself.

These few examples are far from the only ones. How do these GOP candidates and supporters justify accepting the outcome when they win, but insisting there must be fraud and cheating (without any supporting evidence) when their candidate loses?

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