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Conservative Writer: Kelly and Mattis Could End Trump by Revealing What They Heard

Conservative Writer: Kelly and Mattis Could End Trump by Revealing What They Heard

John Kelly and James Mattis both had long an honorable careers in the United States military. Both former Generals also served in the White House under Donald Trump. Kelly was Trump’s Chief of Staff from 2017-2019 and Mattis was the Secretary of Defense in the same time period.

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If the claims of Donald Trump regularly disparaging the military are true, both men certainly heard it first hand. The Daily Beast’s Matt Lewis said that if the former Marine generals were to reveal what they heard, it would be the end of Trump’s presidency.

Lewis is a long-time Republican who left the party over Trump. He wrote in his column, “In a sane world, this revelation, on its face, would be devastating for Trump’s re-election chances. The sad truth is that no revelation will matter to conservatives who have already rationalized their Trump support for a variety of reasons.”

The writer then says that Kelly and Mattis should come out against Trump. “For this report to do more than just mess up a single news cycle for Trump, here’s what should happen: General James Mattis and General John Kelly should both record commercials that warn Americans about the real Trump.”

Lewis continues:

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“For this to have maximum potential, it has to be done just right. It has to be them looking in the camera or at an interviewer. It has to reveal new information. It has to connect emotionally. The message can’t be ‘Trump is bad,’ it has to include ‘He’s unfit to be president—and here’s why that matters to you.’ And—maybe most importantly—it has to drop just before the election.”

You can read the entire column here

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