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Conservative Washington Post Columnist Suggests Mitt Romney Leave Republican Party

Conservative Washington Post Columnist Suggests Mitt Romney Leave Republican Party

Mitt Romney was, at one point, the standard bearer for the Republican party. As the 2012 GOP nominee for president he he ran a relatively close, but losing race to Barack Obama. After a time out of office, Romney became a Utah senator in 2019.

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And since he’s been in office, Romney has frequently clashed with Donald Trump. The Utah lawmaker was the one Republican who voted to remove the president during this year’s impeachment trial. And Romney has regularly ripped Trump for his post-election actions. The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin recently opined that if the GOP keeps enabling Trump, Romney should leave the party.

The Conservative columnist wrote, “[Romney] is the only Republican in the Senate and one of the few in Congress as a whole to emerge from the Trump era with his spine, his ethical compass and his dignity intact. So why is Romney still a Republican, if his party supports a putsch to overturn the election?”

During a recent CNN interview, Romney was asked about remaining a Republican. He said that he feels he could help the party more by staying in the GOP.

Rubin, however, suggested that he consider leaving. She continued:

“Certainly, that would be a difficult road, but it is the very one Abraham Lincoln took in forging the party dedicated to abolishing slavery. Moreover, without such a shock to the system, the current Republican Party may never get its act together and may remain a bastion of racism, authoritarianism and conspiracy-mongering. It would seem a better course, if not a moral necessity, to disarm it and work assiduously for a party to compete with the dumpster fire his party has become.”

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