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Conservative Wall St. Journal Editorial Board Calls Out Trump for “Fueling Democrats Destructive Ideas”

Conservative Wall St. Journal Editorial Board Calls Out Trump for “Fueling Democrats Destructive Ideas”

The Wall St. Journal reports on both financial issues and the political impact behind them. The paper has always had a Conservative bend. The Journal, however, often has to deal with the fallout of irresponsible comments by Donald Trump.

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This week, Trump may have made his most irresponsible comments yet. The president said that he would not accept the results of the election and hinted that he may refuse to leave the White House. On Friday, the Journal blasted Trump for his irresponsible remarks, claiming that he was giving Democrats a phenomenal talking point weeks before the election.

The Editorial Board began, “The media and intelligentsia have worked themselves into a frenzy over imaginary fears that Mr. Trump will somehow remain in office by force if he loses the 2020 election. Start with the obvious: The notion that Mr. Trump could stop a peaceful transition of power is preposterous. On Jan. 20 his term legally ends. If Congress hasn’t certified an Electoral College winner on that date—or settled a tie— Nancy Pelosi will be President if she is still House Speaker.”

The piece continued, “The sad reality is that Democratic opinion leaders have been waiting for a Reichstag fire moment from the minute Mr. Trump took office. Their thirst to be vindicated has grown more intense as his term draws to a close. Perhaps they want to save face after misunderstanding their country and its citizens so fundamentally for four years. Mr. Trump should stop fueling their destructive ideas, because the legitimacy of election results is the bedrock of American democracy.”

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