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Conservative SE Cupp to Republicans: Stop Shrinking Your Base by Killing Your Voters [VIDEO]

Conservative SE Cupp to Republicans: Stop Shrinking Your Base by Killing Your Voters [VIDEO]

This week, it seemed like Republicans were making a bigger push to get people vaccinated. There’s a reason for that. The Delta variant of COVID-19 is currently running wild in red states where a lower percentage of the population is vaccinated.

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But that doesn’t mean Republican lawmakers and pundits are all in on the vaccine. After pushing the shot on Wednesday night, Sean Hannity backtracked on Thursday saying he never told anyone to get vaccinated. And many Republican lawmakers still refuse to push the shot.

SE Cupp, a Conservative pundit, recently talked about the GOP’s refusal to go all in on vaccinations. Not only is it evil, she said, it’s also politically stupid.

The CNN commentator began, “Republicans have increasingly allowed the creep of conspiracy theories and anti-vax arguments to infect the party, and party politics to affect health. [The party has had an] insane response to the pandemic.”

Cupp continued, “From anti-maskers to anti-vaxxers, the politicization of science and health safety has inarguably cost lives. It’s also made us stupider and more susceptible to misinformation.”

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The pundit closed:

“Eventually, telling the truth about science and health becomes an apostasy, treasonous, proof you are a sellout. It shouldn’t be political. But ultimately Republicans are doing more to shrink their base than to grow it, in more ways than one. It’s bad politics, but it’s also just plain bad.” 

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