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Conservative Radio Station Plans To Rebrand As ‘Trump FM’

Conservative Radio Station Plans To Rebrand As ‘Trump FM’

A far-right conservative radio station in Connecticut plans to temporarily rebrand itself as “Trump 103.3” when it converts from an AM station to an FM one.

Talk of Connecticut WDRC hasn’t yet announced when the transition will happen, but when it does, it plans to rename itself, at least for the first few weeks, after President Donald Trump.

The station boasts of local talk radio hosts as well as far-right-wing syndicated programs, including Bill O’Reilly, the NRA’s Dana Loesch, Michael Savage, and the Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro, the Connecticut Post reported.

Despite having the Trump name, albeit for a short while, the station explained it has no affiliation to Trump, his campaign, or business entities. “There’s no legal partnership or anything like that,” sales assistant Dan Lemire said.

Full Power Radio, which owns the station, said that WDRC aims to “unite conservatives in Connecticut” and make the state a conservative, Republican-led one. Its current programming frequently includes content that disparages current Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont, for example.

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“There is a real hunger for the truth and ‘Trump 103.3’ will report and uncover statewide waste and corruption that conventional media are afraid to touch,” a press release from the station read.

If “Trump FM” is planning to tell “the truth” in its reporting, it’ll be a far cry from Trump’s actual behavior in office, as the president has a penchant for disseminating questionable claims and opinions. The Washington Post reported that he’s told more than 10,000 lies or misleading statements to the American public since becoming president, and in the past seven months alone he’s told on average 23 lies per day.

Although Trump himself has not yet commented on the station’s temporary name change, it’s not entirely outside of the realm of possibilities that he’ll acknowledge it at some point. The president tends to support and promote far-right news media, including websites like One America News Network, which has heavily promoted false conspiracy theories and pro-Trump articles, per previous reporting from HillReporter.com.

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