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Conservative Radio Host Elizabeth Farah Says “A Vote for Biden/Harris is a Sin”

Conservative Radio Host Elizabeth Farah Says “A Vote for Biden/Harris is a Sin”

Both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions featured appeals to religion. Joe Biden, who is a long-practicing Catholic talked about his faith and how it has gotten him though difficult times. The Republicans, on the other hand, attacked Biden’s faith with former Notre Dame host Lou Holtz calling him a “fake Catholic.”

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And, obviously, in the world of Conservative talk radio, hosts are willing to say much worse about Biden. Elizabeth Farah, a far-right commentator, recently said that voting for the Democratic ticket would be “a sin.”

Farah is the CEO of World Net Daily, a popular far-right radio show. She told her listeners, “You’re obligated to vote for Trump/Pence in this 2020 election. To do good is to eschew those who are advocating evil and unrighteousness, killing of babies, lawlessness, de-funding of police, socialism, Marxism, fascism. So you cannot vote for Biden and Harris.”

The host continued:

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“To not vote for Trump/Pence in this election—either to vote for the other side or to stay at home—this is the equivalent: I want you to think of this scene of this lovely family—three or four kids, mom and dad—and dad sitting in an easy chair and he’s watching his game. There are home invaders right outside the door, pounding down the door, they’re gonna break in and do violence, perhaps rape the wife, whatever they do to their property—who cares. What happens to the children? Don’t know. And the father wants to continue watching the game.”

Farah finished her rant, “That’s what this is about. I want you to just watch the news every single day and you tell me that it would not be sin to vote for Biden and Harris.”

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