Conservative Pundit: Tuesday's Results Show GOP Will Get 'Wiped Out' If Trump Is On Ballot In 2024

Both Republicans and Democrats were taking a close look at last night's election results. Certain races in Virginia (state legislature), Ohio (abortion and legalized marijuana legislation), and Kentucky (governor's race), would give hints as to what voters across the country were thinking. And Democrats took every one of these races. 

While some polls are showing heavy support for Donald Trump, alarm bells are now ringing for the GOP. Scott Morefield, a Conservative pundit who once supported the former President but now backs Ron DeSantis, is encouraging his followers to listen. 

Morefield took to Twitter, writing, "Lesson from today: If Trump is on the ballot next year, the GOP is looking at a wipeout of epic proportions up and down the ballot. Anyone remotely associated with him in non-blood-red states/districts (and even some red ones) will be fortunate to eek out a win."

The pundit continued:

"Republicans can’t win without moderates & independents, and his name is mud with them. Hatred for Trump nationally is much stronger than even peoples’ own economic self interest. Millions will vote against him and the candidates he endorses, even to their own detriment. Today is a harbinger of things to come if Republicans stay on this path."

One could argue that the damage for the Republicans was done as soon as the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade. That seems to be the main driver for voters right now and there is really nothing that Conservatives can do about it. It is incumbent upon Joe Biden and Democrats down the ticket to hammer this issue.