Conservative Pundit: Trump Bill Has Finally Come Due for Republicans

In 2015, the field for the Republican Presidential nomination featured over 20 candidates. The majority of these candidates had significant experience. Voters, however, chose the inexperienced Donald Trump and party leadership soon fell in line behind him.

The White House/Flickr

While Trump was able to capture the White House, his Presidency has been tumultuous from day one. Never has it been more tumultuous, though, than it has been in the time of COVID-19. Writing for the Daily Beast, Conservative pundit Matt Lewis says the consequences of supporting such an unqualified official has finally come for the party.

Don’t look now, but the chickens are coming home to roost. Everything that Never Trumpers warned Republicans about Donald Trump is coming true,” Lewis opined. “COVID-19 is the kind of national emergency many of us raised when we warned Republicans not to elevate a man so clearly unprepared and ill-suited to the job.”

The former Daily Caller scribe continued:

“Republicans were making a risky political calculation when they overlooked Trump’s obvious character flaws, supported his presidency, and failed to remove him for clearly impeachable behavior. Instead, Republicans gambled and won — but it was a Pyrrhic victory. More and more, Trump looks like a one-term president whose bad reputation may live much longer than his tenure in office, reinforcing negative stereotypes about Republicans, undermining positive ones, and casting a pall on a generation of Republicans who enabled him.”

You can read Lewis’ column in its entirety here

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