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Conservative Pundit Tears Down Trump’s Argument That This Is A ‘Partisan’ Impeachment Process

Conservative Pundit Tears Down Trump’s Argument That This Is A ‘Partisan’ Impeachment Process

One of the underlying arguments against the impeachment inquiry so far has been the fact that it appears to be supported by Democrats alone in the House of Representatives, with no support from anyone within the Republican Party.

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Indeed, in late October when a formal vote to lay out how public impeachment hearings would work was put before the House of Representatives, none of the Republican lawmakers voted in its favor. Former Republican-turned-independent Rep. Justin Amash was the closest thing to anyone from a party other than the Democrats voting for the resolution.

The lack of bipartisan appeal to impeachment has led to many criticisms from the right, including from President Donald Trump himself, who is the subject of the impeachment hearings. Trump has tweeted several times so far his belief that this is a partisan process, including in this post from just a few days ago:


But not everyone agrees with Trump on the matter — including notable conservative commentator Bill Kristol.

Tweeting his own opinions on the matter on Sunday morning, Kristol explained his rationale for disagreeing with the president and his supporters, noting that while the impeachment process so far lacked bipartisan support, it did include bipartisan witnesses.

“A partisan impeachment? The witnesses have been career officials, except for Republicans [EU Ambassador Gordon] Sondland and [presidential adviser Tim] Morrison,” Kristol wrote. “All have served in the Trump Administration.”

Indeed, many served for Republican administrations before Trump took office. For example, Trump disparaged former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch last week, calling her an “Obama person” and suggesting that disqualified her from serving in his administration.

But Yovanovitch, who has served in the Foreign Service since 1986, has worked under four different Republican presidents, as well as two Democratic ones. She was appointed ambassador twice by President George W. Bush, and once by President Barack Obama.

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Other diplomats and national security experts who have testified so far in the impeachment inquiry have also worked under Republicans in the past.

Kristol also made another point in his tweet: if Republicans are dissatisfied by the lack of their own party being involved in testimonies, they only have their own president to blame, as he has blocked officials from being able to speak to House investigators in the first place.

“Other Republicans — [Chief of Staff Mick] Mulvaney, [former National Security Adviser John] Bolton, [Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy] Giuliani — refuse to testify,” Kristol said in his tweet.

Planned public testimonies from House Democrats wrapped up late last week, but more testimonies could be on their way, according to Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Adam Schiff.

“We don’t foreclose the possibility of more depositions, more hearings. We are in the process of getting more documents all the time,” he said, per reporting from Reuters.

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