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Conservative Pundit: Ohio’s Josh Mandel Was Too Creepy For Trump’s Endorsement

Conservative Pundit: Ohio’s Josh Mandel Was Too Creepy For Trump’s Endorsement

Rob Portman announced he was retiring from the Senate in January of 2021. A number of candidates have lined up to replace the Republican lawmaker. And all of them have sought the endorsement of Donald Trump.

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Last week, Trump announced that he would be backing author and venture capitalist JD Vance. According to Jim Swift from The Bulwark, the former President found candidate Josh Mandel to be too creepy.

Swift wrote, “Mandel clearly hoped for Trump’s endorsement, since he had led from the opening bell — and despite his reluctance to get on the Trump train early, he chose to be the craziest Trumpiest son of a bitch in the race. But perhaps he went too far.”

The pundit continued:

“But maybe he went too Trump? Mandel was more of a Trump sycophant than anyone — to the point where it became a bit unsettling. Even Trump himself thought Mandel’s still-mysterious disappearance and even-more-mysterious subsequent divorce, combined with his obsession with Trump, was creepy. Mandel has long been a ladder-climbing opportunist, but when even Donald Trump thinks you’re a weirdo, it might be time to rethink your life choices.”

The column closed, “How far did Mandel go? He got himself kicked out of an RNC fundraiser in Florida, when he went to represent grassroots MAGA against the MAGA swamp. He went to Florida for an ‘Apprentice’-style meeting with Trump, along with other Ohio senatorial candidates. In a debate, he even said he’d do anything — anything? — to get Trump’s support.”

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