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Conservative Pundit Makes The Case That Trump is the Worst President Ever

Conservative Pundit Makes The Case That Trump is the Worst President Ever

Donald Trump often brags that he has incredibly high approval ratings among Republicans. While the boast is mostly true, it obscures that face that people have left the GOP in droves since Trump took office. This includes numerous lawmakers as well as the activists from the Lincoln Project.

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Back in 2016, long-time Republican strategist Max Boot supported Hillary Clinton over Trump. And in the 4 years since, the president has done little to change his mind. In fact, Boot recently argued that Donald Trump is the worst president in United States history.

Boot made the argument in an op-ed penned for the Washington Post. He began, “Why isn’t Trump losing by a whole lot more? How is it possible that so many still back him despite everything that has gone wrong?”

The strategist continued:

“Trump is on track to be the first president since World War II to see a net loss of jobs during his term. Even worse, he has presided over the loss of 214,000 lives and counting from covid-19. That’s already nearly four times the US fatalities in the Vietnam War, previously the nadir of presidential bungling. Even now, after having contracted covid-19 himself, Trump refuses to take the pandemic seriously. He keeps promising it will magically disappear of its own accord while holding rallies practically guaranteed to spread the disease.”

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Boot closed his piece, “Unfortunately, even if Trump is defeated, a large portion of the country will continue to believe a lot of things that simply are not so — and a small but significant number could be led into violence by their lunatic beliefs.”

You can read the entire column here

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