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Conservative Pundit Eviscerates ‘Coward’ Lou Dobbs For His Loyalty to Trump

Conservative Pundit Eviscerates ‘Coward’ Lou Dobbs For His Loyalty to Trump

No one has had a longer career in cable news than Lou Dobbs. He began his career with CNN when the network launched in 1980. He eventually moved to Fox News.

Gage Skidmore

Over the years, Dobbs has become more and more conspiracy-minded. He was a supporter of the racist birther conspiracy theory concerning Barack Obama. And when Donald Trump claimed that he was cheated out of the 2020 election, Dobbs amplified the message. Soon after he was fired by Fox and now hosts a radio show. In a column for the Conservative National Review, Kevin Williamson savagely mocked Dobbs.

Dobbs had recently quipped, “Who reads NR?” Addressing the former Fox host, the piece began:

“I think your problem is that you are a coward. You are so terrified of your audience that you are willing to tell them anything they want to hear, follow them down any ridiculous rabbit hole, pretend to be something that you aren’t. You’re a guy who went to Harvard and lives on an equestrian estate in New Jersey, Lou. Let’s not kid ourselves. You’re a bit of a nut, but you aren’t stupid — certainly not as stupid as the character you used to play on television and now play on Twitter.”

The takedown continued, “The irony is that your cowardice and your pandering did not save your career — they wrecked your career. That conspiracy-kook stuff is what got you fired by Fox, which is why you no longer have a television show. Do you know how embarrassing you have to get before Fox News — Fox Business, Lou! — is too ashamed to put you on the air?”

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