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Conservative National Review Absolutely Eviscerates ‘Coward’ Ted Cruz

Conservative National Review Absolutely Eviscerates ‘Coward’ Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz may be immune to humiliation. How else could you describe a man who became an ardent supporter of a president who called his wife ugly? Or a man who blamed his daughters for his ill-advised trip to Cancun during a crisis in Texas.

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Amazingly, Cruz seemingly topped both those moments last night. The Texas senator appeared on Fox News to plead for Tucker Carlson’s forgiveness for calling 1/6 a terrorist attack. The Conservative National Review branded Cruz a coward for his actions on Friday.

Charles Cooke wrote, “Cruz is transparent in his cowardice. This wasn’t Ted Cruz carefully debating the meaning and suitability of words and making a handful of concessions in the process; this was Ted Cruz noticing that his previous position had made him unpopular with his base and finding another one on the fly.”

The writer continued, “Groveling before Tucker Carlson, he said that he’d misspoken. But there was not a single person in America — including Carlson, who laughed derisively — who believed him. Given his objectives, Cruz would have been better off had he simply said, ‘Look, Tucker, I still want to be president, and your taking shots at me is hurting me, so tell me what I need to say to make you stop, I’ll agree to say it, and then we can all move on.'”

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